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by NDCWS (2017-06-07 06:33:47)
Edited on 2017-06-08 06:09:08
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Who are some "real" names of HC's that ND could land? Please spare people previously tied to ND, unless of course it is the name of O'C, which as we know would never happen. ND is NOT a plum job. Several years ago I asked O'C if he would be interested in the Kentucky HC position (it was open around 2002-2003 time period). I thought he would immediately reply yes being it was an SEC job. Quite the contrary, he said no and that he would not seriously consider a job unless the state it was located in was talent rich. Kentucky was and is not talent rich for prospects as a whole in terms of numbers, Indiana is the same as compared to states like Virginia, NC, SC etc.


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