The baseball program will never turn a profit
by IrishMace (2017-06-08 22:28:01)
Edited on 2017-06-08 22:31:31
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  In reply to: Relate that to the baseball program if you will  posted by ndgotrobbedin97

The baseball team could fill its stadium or they could play in front of only their parents and girlfriends, and the financial difference to ND is about as significant as one of us schlubs withholding our annual donations. Thus the people who count the beans have zero fucks to give. If they have to, they'll just add another dollar to the price of football tickets.

Also unlike the football program, baseball is pretty far under the radar for most fans. Those of us who pay attention are disgusted, but there aren't enough to raise any noticeable ruckus.

It's not that ND wants baseball (or anything else) to suck. All else being equal, winning is preferred, but it's not a priority. Without a financial or PR incentive, we're left with Swarbrick not wanting to admit that one of his hires has failed, and shame on us for even suggesting something so ridiculous.


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