Warning: stream of consciousness profanity inside....
by PeteatND (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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Fucking Tyrone Willingham way to prepare the team to play the defense looked like they were playing with three fucking guys and the team just fucking mailed in the game in the second fucking half shouldn't the team at least be fucking improving as the season progresses they're just fucking getting worse fucking walter reyes isn't that good every decent team they played made reyes their lady friend and syracuse blows my fat nut sack but they were still good enough to beat our sorry fucking asses into next fucking tuesday what a fucking embarrassment to the school fucking politically correct hire fucking tyrone willingham arrogant smug emotionless bastard's piss poor attitude influences the entire fucking team turning them into a bunch of nutless pussies what a pile of steaming bullshit fucking monkey effluence the whole damn coaching staff can lick my sweaty ball bag and drink my fucking nut mustard fucking baer looks like a clueless douchebag as his defensive backfield doesn't have the first fucking clue what the fuck it's doing the best fucking guard we can put into the game is darrin mitchell who gets injured in about two damn minutes and gives up a sack before he even knows the damn play has started what horseshit two fucking losing seasons in my first three years at the school tyrone willingham and his merry bunch of cock smoking assistant coaches are making a fucking joke out of our school losing to fucking syracuse what kind of butt-greasing cock-mastering pole-smoking ass-spelunking bullshit is that?

It's going to be a long (fucking) off-season.


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