and to top it all off....
by PeteatND (2005-11-09 01:07:26)

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I was hoping that our supposedly good fucking basketball team would compensate for that fucking huge steaming shit log of a game that our nut sucking football team dropped on the field in fucking syracuse but our six fucking man rotation managed to lose to the fucking bunch of losers that lost to fucking bradley what kind of fucking shit is that why the fuck does this always have to happen to us that little fucking two feet tall little fucking runt of a fucking rudy basketball player had to hit the fucking shot of all fucking time which I fucking have to watch on fucking sportscenter for the next twenty fucking years if there was even a fucking camera in the building to watch that pathetic excuse for a pillow fight of a fucking basketball game and I had to watch those fucking bunch of nobodies from some fucking shit hole in michigan that no one has ever heard of carry that little midget of a fucking player out of the fucking arena while our fucking players stood around not knowing what the fuck just happened I'll tell them what happened they got their fucking lunch eaten by a fucking shitty team that barely beat fucking marist but how the fuck can we expect to fucking win when we use six fucking players fucking uconn and syracuse are going to run us the fuck out of the fucking gym there's no fucking chance we'll make the fucking tournament which would be the perfect fucking end to the perfect fucking sporting year I'm just waiting for our baseball team to fucking suck it's a fucking inevitability after that little fucking two foot tall corn-row mulleted little runt piece of shit hit the fucking most improbable shot in fucking history like always making chris thomas his fucking bitch stepping in and out of the three fucking point arc thomas made him fucking look like a fucking two inch tall michael jordan the fucking little shit had been laying bricks all night then fucking swishes the shit out of a fucking fall away jumper with like zero point zero zero zero one seconds left on the clock but it hardly fucking matters because we fucking suck giant monkey balls and are going to lose to indiana who isn't even any fucking good by about seventy fucking points and I was really fucking looking forward to that game and all I wanted tonight was to be able to come back to my little shitty dorm room and revel in the fact that oklahoma lost but of course that could never fucking happen could it all I have to look forward to now is being fucking depressed that all of our fucking teams suck ten inch donkey dong not even the basketball team can fucking save me and I forgot to fucking add the fact that in hindsight it probably isn't good that fucking oklahoma lost because now usc is a fucking lock for the fucking sugar bowl so now I don't even get to enjoy the fact that our fucked up blow out piece of shit of an embarrassment of a loss to syracuse would probably keep usc out of the fucking national championship game now those unholy mother fuckers will go to the national championship and destroy fucking lsu and win a fucking national championship and dominate the fucking world like a fucking evil empire for the rest of time while we sit on our fucking asses sucking at absolutely everything oh and glass I didn't fucking see your post before I started writing or I would have replied directly to you but now you know what I fucking think about that fucking unbelievable disgrace of a basketball game I should have fucking gone fucking drinking like my fucking roommates who fucking just walked in the room two fucking minutes ago and started making fun of me for wasting my fucking saturday night I felt like fucking kicking the shit out of them they were fucking lucky that I just fucking gave them a piece of my mind they fucking picked the wrong guy to fuck with I can't believe how this fucking day turned out now I actually have to fucking do some fucking work because I have like fifty papers due next week which I probably should have been doing instead of going to the fucking basketball game but I went to the basketball game and now I look like a fucking idiot those fucking central michigan assholes are probably laughing it up somewhere I'd like to find those fuckers and kick the shit out of them at least that little two foot tall piece of shit who made the shot of the new millenium would probably be pretty easy to fuck up that little pussy piece of shit.