Ara managed to lose 55-24 in '74, giving up 55 unanswered
by odschool (2015-01-04 10:24:08)
Edited on 2015-01-04 10:36:29
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  In reply to: OK, LA's warm & SC corrupt, but we don't always lose 49-14. *  posted by AraStopTheSnow

points. Complaints about Ara were a constant during his tenure - he can't beat Purdue, he can't recruit a QB, etc. Katie Parseghian(and Ara's secy at the ACC) used to check the mail daily to intercept hate mail and destroy it. Anonymous internet whining and "expertise" have a longer shelf-life.

Ara lost 45-23 in '72. The '73 orange bowl loss (40-6) was the second biggest ass kicking of an ND team Yet Ara is god.

Yhe biggest ass kicking was an ND/IU basketball game Digger's first year.


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