Ara managed to lose 55-24 in '74, giving up 55 unanswered
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points. Complaints about Ara were a constant during his tenure - he can't beat Purdue, he can't recruit a QB, etc. Katie Parseghian(and Ara's secy at the ACC) used to check the mail daily to intercept hate mail and destroy it. Anonymous internet whining and "expertise" have a longer shelf-life.

Ara lost 45-23 in '72. The '73 orange bowl loss (40-6) was the second biggest ass kicking of an ND team Yet Ara is god.

Yhe biggest ass kicking was an ND/IU basketball game Digger's first year.

A quick reminder why "Ara is god."
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National rankings in Ara's 11 years at Notre Dame, in chronological order. Not cherry-picking the best ones, but all of them:


All of Ara's won-lost records (he inherited a 2-7 team):


I'm aware Ara was the constant recipient of complaints like "he can't win the big one." Oh, did I mention his 11 years included:

Two National Championships
Plus 1964 if he hadn't been shafted

I'm sure you know all this. But just in case you're suggesting there's any comparison between his situation and the current one, Ara also clinched that 1966 title by beating USC. Final score: 51-0.

The schedules were as soft as SEC OOC - Army, Navy
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Miami, Pitt, Northwestern. ND did not deserve the rankings on some of those years

Pollsters adjusted for those schedules, & ND won big games.
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For example, ND was still only #3 going into the bowls in '73, even though only two top teams had perfect records.

Despite only 2 wins against SC, ND's performance in big games under Ara overall was clearly up to snuff:

•ND, 2-7 in its last year before Ara, beat SC on the road to clinch the national championship -- except the refs stole it from them.

•The tie in the '66 Game of the Century against MSU was achieved on the road, with ND's starting QB and RB out injured, and with the #2 QB teetering on the edge of diabetic shock. ND murdered SC 51-0 the next week to clinch the NC.

•In '68, ND tied unbeaten, #1-rated USC on the road while holding Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson to a season-low 55 yards rushing. ND did this with its star senior QB out injured for the entire game.

•ND tied USC again in '69, missing a field goal that would have won the game. SC went unbeaten and untied the rest of the season and won the Rose Bowl.

•ND barely lost to #1 national champion Texas in the '69 Cotton Bowl, then upset the still-unbeaten champs handily the next year in the rematch.

•The Irish solidly beat USC 23-14 in '73 en route to the national title. The defense, with 3 true freshmen in prominent roles, smothered a high-powered offense that featured Lynn Swann and Anthony Davis (55 yards rushing).

•ND defeated unbeaten #1 Alabama 24-23 in the 1973 Sugar Bowl to win the national championship. Ara forever silenced critics of his daring, calling a bold bomb to the backup tight end out of ND's own end zone on 3rd and long as time ran down to preserve the win.

•ND ended the Parseghian era a year later by beating the Tide, again unbeaten and #1-ranked, in a 13-11 upset.

The insinuation that Notre Dame was top-ranked only because it feasted on patsies for 11 years simply doesn't stand up to close inspection.

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