Being as realistic and objective as possible...
by Irisharab (2017-08-11 11:33:41)
Edited on 2017-08-11 12:09:16
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I think most of us would agree that the chances of this year's ND squad winning a National Championship or getting into the 4-team playoff are close to zero. I think many of us (perhaps not most of us) would agree that this year's team will, at a minimum, do better than 4-8.

With all that said...

A. In terms of regular season record, what do you think is the ceiling and the floor for this year's team?

B. Any other predictions about the quality of the product on the field?

My predictions:

A. No worse than 6-6 (assuming Wimbush is not seriously injured), but no better than 9-3.

B. Even though I don't think that this year's regular season record will be as good as that of the 2015 team, I think the overall quality of play will actually be better and more consistent this year. I want to believe that we can beat at least one of these three schools - Miami (FL), UNC, or Stanford, and a victory against any of those teams would be better than our best wins of 2015.

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