Of course this relates to Golson's transfer possibilities.
by BAC69 (2014-12-31 14:14:14)

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After watching the game yesterday, a transfer might be in his own best interest. If so, it would really be a shame.

The guy really has a lot of talent--good passing accuracy, can throw a long and accurate ball, good rush avoidance capabilities, can run well when required.

But somehow that natural talent, which flash bright on many occasions, kept getting stifled first by inexperience, then by academic problems, then by indecision when passing, then fumbles, then Zaire as a more consistent player.

It always seemed that he had the natural talent to be a great QB if he could just get past this one problem, but another problem seemed to always come out of nowhere to limit his performance.

Perhaps he could do better at another school where the pressure cooker isn't quite as hot--or maybe he will just run into another unforeseen difficulty which will bar his overwhelming success.

Whatever happens--he stays or he goes--I hope he can finally break through that last barrier to success. I just hope he stays to get that ND degree because that will break a lot of barriers for him in whatever life holds for him in the future.

Golson was one of many guys that got less confident under
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Kelly. I agree that a change of scenery is probably what he needs. If so he leaves with an ND degree, a start in the National Title game, tied for most consecutive pass completions in NCAA history and stats that would make any SEC team drool. He'll have to clean up the physical mistakes, but I think all of that happens with a better coach and less pressure. Whatever he does, he's earned the chance to find out where his football dream ends.

If he graduates and decides to go, then I'll wish him well.
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He paid the price for his transgression, and busted his ass to get back. He'll have a Notre Dame degree, and if he transfers, he'll have a damn good selection of schools calling him and offering him the starting job, a la Russell Wilson. I hope he stays, but if he goes I won't fault him. He gave us a lot, and his life is his to do with as he pleases. I wish him the best in making his decision.

Golson would be just fine if ND had a run first offense
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He might not be as good as Zaier given he can't run the read option as well, but we had an incredibly easy path to 10 wins this year if we simply ran the ball more every single game. Golson also isn't 100% incapable of running read option. He could have done it much more this year and that alone would have made defenses slightly more honest.

We finished 8-5 with freaking losses to Northwestern, UL, ASU and a pretty bad USC team. Any running game at all would have easily flipped 2 of those 4 losses into wins. The offense we just saw against LSU would have avoided at least half of those turnovers at ASU.

USC might not have been winable even with this offense because we really didn't have a single DL or DB to play that game and even if we traded scores with them with the correct offense, they probably would have won by 7. It would have looked a hell of a lot better though. We will never know what effect it would have had on USC's offense if our own offense showed up at the game.

No, he would have been just fine if he didn't turn the ball
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Do people forget how good he is when he doesn't give up the ball?