Of course this relates to Golson's transfer possibilities.
by BAC69 (2014-12-31 14:14:14)
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  In reply to: Golson on pace to graduate in May, per Pete Sampson *  posted by rkellyatrecess

After watching the game yesterday, a transfer might be in his own best interest. If so, it would really be a shame.

The guy really has a lot of talent--good passing accuracy, can throw a long and accurate ball, good rush avoidance capabilities, can run well when required.

But somehow that natural talent, which flash bright on many occasions, kept getting stifled first by inexperience, then by academic problems, then by indecision when passing, then fumbles, then Zaire as a more consistent player.

It always seemed that he had the natural talent to be a great QB if he could just get past this one problem, but another problem seemed to always come out of nowhere to limit his performance.

Perhaps he could do better at another school where the pressure cooker isn't quite as hot--or maybe he will just run into another unforeseen difficulty which will bar his overwhelming success.

Whatever happens--he stays or he goes--I hope he can finally break through that last barrier to success. I just hope he stays to get that ND degree because that will break a lot of barriers for him in whatever life holds for him in the future.


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