Think of how an adept offense helps your team
by irishrock (2014-12-09 14:54:06)
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Look, a tough and hard-nosed defense does so much for your team. It creates an organizational mindset for toughness. It creates turnovers. It creates an intimidation factor. A lot of 3 and outs creates many more offensive opportunities. It allows for the offense to take more chances.


A great offense helps the team and can help a weak defense. Eat clock...huge benefit, time of possession is critically important to elite teams. Limited turnovers...doesn't put the opposing offense on a short field. (making the opposing offense go 70-80 yards for a score is a huge recipe for success...starting on the 20 like ASU got to do makes for an easier day). An intimidating/imposing OLine wears down the Defense and helps a team win the fourth quarter.

I am done with state of the art...just give me a reliable/stable offense. I know that is pathetic, to dumb down expectations, but I know ND will win a lot if they adopted the "hedgehog" concept from Good to Great. Do the simple things, but do them better than anybody else, and great things will happen

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I, too, am a devotee of Jim Collins.

May I also interject his case study at the end of Good to Great of the
high school cross country coach who won consecutive state titles for their
school with the same practice? In their case their competitive advantage
that they exploited was "run best at the end." The kids dedicated
themselves to that simple, demanding competency, but it yielded up several
consecutive state championships.

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