Think of how an adept offense helps your team
by irishrock (2014-12-09 14:54:06)
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Look, a tough and hard-nosed defense does so much for your team. It creates an organizational mindset for toughness. It creates turnovers. It creates an intimidation factor. A lot of 3 and outs creates many more offensive opportunities. It allows for the offense to take more chances.


A great offense helps the team and can help a weak defense. Eat clock...huge benefit, time of possession is critically important to elite teams. Limited turnovers...doesn't put the opposing offense on a short field. (making the opposing offense go 70-80 yards for a score is a huge recipe for success...starting on the 20 like ASU got to do makes for an easier day). An intimidating/imposing OLine wears down the Defense and helps a team win the fourth quarter.

I am done with state of the art...just give me a reliable/stable offense. I know that is pathetic, to dumb down expectations, but I know ND will win a lot if they adopted the "hedgehog" concept from Good to Great. Do the simple things, but do them better than anybody else, and great things will happen

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