The Purcell Pavilion upgrade was announced in 2006
by ShermanOaksND (2017-06-03 16:17:38)
Edited on 2017-06-03 16:17:59
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It was completed on Swarbrick's watch, but was set in motion under White.

The Compton Family Ice Arena was announced in 2009, under Swarbrick, but as you note, the funding apparently came from a benefactor's relationship with a head coach who had fallen in White's lap.

I'd grade Swarbrick as follows:

1. Stewardship of football -- F
* C for the initial hire of Brian Kelly, F for keeping Weis an extra year, F for keeping Kelly this long, and F-minus for the Declan Sullivan tragedy and its aftermath

2. Stewardship of basketball -- B
* A for keeping Brey and McGraw, D for the very slow crawl to a practice facility (will upgrade to a C if/when it's actually finished)..

3. Leaving the Big East for the ACC -- C
* A for its impact on sports other than football, but a D for its impact on football.

4. Stewardship of baseball -- F
* Aoki was an uninspired hire, his failure should've been predictable, and he's stayed too long.

5. Everything else -- B
* None of his decisions outside the above categories has been particularly momentous, at least as far aa I can tell.

To calculate Swarbrick's GPA, I'd assign 5 units for football, 3 each for basketball and ACC joinder, 2 for baseball, and 2 for everything else. That gives Swarbrick 15 grade points for 15 units, for a GPA of 1.0. A tad better than Blutarsky, but not good enough by a long shot.


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