So how does each of ND's sports compare ...
by CJC (2017-06-03 13:01:16)
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  In reply to: Swarbrick is still the AD  posted by ShermanOaksND

to where it was when Swarbrick took over as AD?

Arguably, won-lost record is the biggest factor (including post-season), but off-the-field issues, facilities and trends in won-lost, recruiting, etc., are also relevant.

Football -- on-field arguably a wash, although Weis left behind Te'o, Floyd and others. I'd argue that Kelly's current recruiting trend is poorer than Weis' final few years. Of course, we didn't forfeit any wins under Weis.

Men's basketball -- better, although with an inherited coach. Arena was updated/upgraded under Swarbrick, but more importantly, the allegedly forthcoming new practice facility was far too long in the making.

Women's basketball -- better in that the five straight final fours arguably eclipse the 2001 national championship, certainly in terms of sustained excellence. Again, though, with an inherited coach.

Hockey -- on the ice, roughly the same, with an inherited coach. Facilities have been radically upgraded, although by all public accounts, the lion's share of the funding came via a benefactor's relationship with the inherited coach.

Baseball -- remains mired below mediocrity; Swarbrick's hire is beyond question ill-suited for the job but just completed his seventh season -- 1 NCAA bid, two seasons with plus-.500 record.

Softball -- remained mired in mediocrity, at least if competing for championships is truly the standard.

I'll defer to others, but men's and women's tennis don't seem any better than when Swarbrick was hired; women's tennis definitely has dipped, although that may have predated Swarbrick's arrival.

Men's soccer -- approximately the same; program did win its first-ever NCAA championship during Swarbrick's tenure, with an inherited coach. Was the current (relatively new) soccer stadium funded and built during Swarbrick's tenure?

Women's soccer -- unquestionably worse since Swarbrick took over. Ditto regarding stadium, shared with the men's program.

Men's lacrosse -- has reached new heights under an inherited coach; I believe the new stadium was funded and built during Swarbrick's tenure.

Women's lacrosse -- seems pretty much the same; they share the new facility with the men's team.

Volleyball -- although not a sport that I follow closely, this may be the sport that is poised to show the greatest improvement under Swarbrick. After finally getting rid of a long-time "protected" (by virtue of marriage) head coach, it appears that we have an elite head coach, although by public accounts (I have no knowledge), the head coach was pretty determined to land at Notre Dame.

Men's and women's track and cross-country -- it seems to me that all of these squads reached new heights during the latter stages of head coach Joe Piane's long career, which ended in 2013. I haven't paid close enough attention to what's happened since Piane retired.

Men's and women's golf -- no idea, although I'm aware that the men's golf coach was fired at the conclusion of the recently-completed season.

Men's and women's swimming -- no idea.

Rowing -- no idea.

Men's and women's fencing -- I know that we've recently won at least one national championship, so we've got that going for us.

Am I forgetting any sports?

Other facts, arguments on the state of ND sports?


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