It's multifactoral and likely to remain the same
by mrock90 (2017-05-30 19:33:58)
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  In reply to: After 4 years in the ACC, what do you think about the status  posted by MPG

Barring a change in programmatic approach. The big east was about right for what ND puts into baseball and what kind of programs they were competing against. ND joined ACC and didn't alter how they do things...went from having competitive advantage in overall talent and facilities as well as tradition with similar weather and pool of prospects to a large step up in talent/ depth and huge competitive disadvantage in terms of facilities/weather/tradition/ cost of attendance, etc. So looking at how the ND program is-- irrespective of the coach, unless they make the conscious decision to upgrade facility/ environment/ aid, etc, I expect them to hover around the low middle/ bottom of the ACC for the foreseeable future


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