After 4 years in the ACC, what do you think about the status
by MPG (2017-05-30 19:17:10)
Edited on 2017-05-30 19:17:59
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of the baseball and softball programs?

Baseball has had one good season two years ago and has tailed off badly the past two seasons. The worst stat for this season was the difference in errors between ND and its opponents: something like 73 vs. 43! It seems clear that the time has arrived for new leadership, although I am surprised that Aoki could make BC competitive in the ACC, but has failed with ND. His program has not met the challenge of the ACC.

Softball seems to be doing worse each season since joining the ACC, although even this year the team was invited to the NCAA tournament. However the team has never won a regional in 22 tries.As others noted much earlier in this season, the lack of dominant pitching has doomed this team for several years, especially in the post-season. One positive note is the addition of two pitchers for next year, one of whom is a top ten recruit. The third Wester will also join the team and Coach Gumpf considers this to be her best class. The ACC is a tougher conference than the Big East, but not nearly as tough as the SEC or PAC.


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