Of course, you know the excuse you'll be given
by ndgotrobbedin97 (2017-03-27 08:58:22)
Edited on 2017-03-27 09:14:37

In reply to: If the record is 15-18, we'd break the school record  posted by ShermanOaksND

(By the way, I counted Toledo as a makeup date was given, but must have missed the others after a couple late night cocktails)

The excuse will be that the ACC is loaded, so the bar for success has been moved. of course, this would completely ignore the ugly losses in non-conference---St. Louis, Lafayette (!), UMass-Lowell (this isn't hockey we're talking about, right?). This also ignores the fact that they get to play Duke, BC, Pitt, NC State, GA Tech....none of which are setting the world on fire this season.

I think a consideration of BC's success last year (regional finals), and then a return to their historical norm this season is interesting to note. I think many programs out there can put together a group to win some games in one season, but it does not indicate a "program" has been built for the long haul. ND has made it to the NCAA's under Aoki, but the other 6 seasons tell a much different tale.

You need to see more than a 1 year blip, because 1 out of 7 is just that---a statistical blip. But, Swarbrick saw something different. He ignored things like losing 5 of 7---all at home---late in the season to EMU, Ohio U and Pitt.....7 of 9 if you include the 2 subsequent losses to LSU after those. He ignored the 3-12 finish to the season (12 of those at home), so it's not as though he can claim it just took a while to get it going. Instead, it was an epic collapse.

The information you post is damning, but I don't think any of us would be shocked if Swarbrick arrogantly hangs on to his guy. Hell, he probably won't even make public statements after the season---again.