If the record is 15-18, we'd break the school record
by ShermanOaksND (2017-03-27 00:55:49)
Edited on 2017-03-27 01:13:17

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for most losses in a season -- 22-32 in 2010, which got Schrage fired and Aoki hired.

If the record is 13-20, it would drop Aoki's overall record at ND below .500. He's currently 181-176-1, third-worst WP in school history.

And if the record is 11-22, we'd finish 18-37, giving us the worst winning percentage in school history, currently held by the 1987 team (15-29), which got Gallo fired. We would finish 11-22 if we maintained our current .222 winning percentage in ACC play (giving us a 5-16 record in remaining ACC games) and managed a 6-6 mark in our remaining OOC games.

(We have 33 games left on the schedule, not 31, and there's the possibility of a makeup game for this week's postponement against Toledo.)

We seem certain of finishing below .500. To avoid that fate, we'd need to go 21-12 the rest of the way, which seems like a pipe dream. A losing record would give Aoki 3 in 7 years, plus a .500 season. By comparison, Schrage had one losing record -- his final season -- out of 4, plus a .500 season.