After 4 years in the ACC, what are your thoughts about
by MPG (2017-05-30 19:34:09)
Edited on 2017-05-30 19:35:46
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the status of the ND lacrosse programs?

The men's team has been up and down recently, but still seems to be a top eight program that is always a contender for the Final Four. I believe that there is a talented recruiting class on the way for next season. ND has been at its best with top-notch goalie play such as what we saw with the Kemp brothers and Scott Rodgers. The move to the ACC has upgraded the strength of the schedule and caused every flaw to be exposed. Obviously a 55% FOGO would be a major help.

The women's team is middle of the pack in the ACC which means they are good enough to make the NCAA tournament and perhaps win a game. New programs such as Florida are out-recruiting ND and there is no sign of ND becoming a Final Four team. It is hard to complain about being a top 15 program, unless the goal is to contend for a championship


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