After 4 years in the ACC, what are your thoughts about
by MPG (2017-05-30 19:34:09)
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the status of the ND lacrosse programs?

The men's team has been up and down recently, but still seems to be a top eight program that is always a contender for the Final Four. I believe that there is a talented recruiting class on the way for next season. ND has been at its best with top-notch goalie play such as what we saw with the Kemp brothers and Scott Rodgers. The move to the ACC has upgraded the strength of the schedule and caused every flaw to be exposed. Obviously a 55% FOGO would be a major help.

The women's team is middle of the pack in the ACC which means they are good enough to make the NCAA tournament and perhaps win a game. New programs such as Florida are out-recruiting ND and there is no sign of ND becoming a Final Four team. It is hard to complain about being a top 15 program, unless the goal is to contend for a championship

I think they're in pretty good shape, short of a title
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Recruiting classes per Inside Lacrosse:

2013: 8
2014: 2
2015: 10
2016: 4
2017: not up yet, but I keep hearing it's a "monster" class.

2013: 5
2014: can't find
2015: 3
2016: 6
2017: not up yet.

As long as they keep having winning records (they play brutal schedules) and keep getting to the tournament, it's reasonable to think they will eventually win a title. I don't think the coaches are perfect (I've seen both yelling at refs obnoxiously, for example) but they certainly haven't done anything to justify being replaced. My impression is that the facilities are quite good. I'd say that the programs are in pretty good shape.

Men's team likely will not win a NC under Corrigan; Women's
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team under performing given recruiting prowess. I'm not satisfied.

Men's Need Fresh Approach on Offense....
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Corrigan may be the only HC in D1 that relies on himself as being the Offensive Coordinator. Danowski, Tierney, etc. all have OC's. Outside of having some extremely gifted facilitators at attack (Kavenaugh, Garnsey) and one-on-one creators at middie (Perkovic), it's just not a smooth-functioning unit given the talent that comes into it. Not just schematics but overall player development.

Corrigan does a great job with the two-way mids (heck, he was one back in the day), but I think he's got to adapt and hire a full-time, young OC and concentrate on being CEO.

As for the women, I hate to say it but Halfpenny is starting to resemble her predessor and then some...the parts don't add up to the total. There was a clear regression, particularly on offense. When Fortunato was shadowed, we sunk. I'm starting to wonder if Sarah Dalton (the OC who now is HC at Vermont) is outsize in her importance.

Still a good program, but paying attention to next two years. Halfpenny just brought in nine kids who are supposed to be very good, but not a lot of Long Islanders, which is unusual. Hmmmm.

Agree 100%
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Totally agree with your comments on the men's program. I don't follow women's lacrosse.

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