Three-fer Thursday
by Czarobski (2013-01-03 11:56:14)
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1. For those who have seen Silver Linings Playbook, are the rumors of Robert De Niro's return to acting true? That would be nice, as once upon the time he was a pretty decent actor.

2. Sci-Fi Book Nerds: Which of these three classics should I read next?

Haldeman: The Forever War
Bester: The Stars My Destination
Simmons: Hyperion

(note: I am leaning toward Bester but as part of a New Year's resolution I now require anonymous internet confirmation before proceeding with even the most mundane decision making tasks in my life.)

3. For board zoologists/ultimate fighting fans, what is the smallest animal that by itself could kill a healthy adult human in an octagonal caged environment? I am excluding those creatures that can kill by venom, poison, or disease transmission (mosquitoes, bats, venereal possums, etc).


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