A thank you would be nice
by Johnnydub (2012-12-20 11:50:00)
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This morning I bought some gift cards from Coffee Bean for our QC team for Christmas. The young lady behind the counter said, you get 2 free coffees because of the amount you purchased. I said, oh, thanks, I don't drink coffee but can I get a receipt and give to my wife for later use. She said, I am sorry it has to be used now. So, I turn around and there is a woman, mid 30's and I said, please give them to her Merry Christmas. This dolt doesn't say thank you, smile or anything but just looks at me. The young lady behind the counter said, Miss, a thank you would be nice! I have never laughed so hard. She looked at me and said sheepishly, thanks. I said, no worries play it forward.


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