For fans of Charles Dickens, Rod Serling, Peter Sellers...
by Czarobski (2012-12-10 14:00:55)
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... Robert Shaw, Sterling Hayden, Christmas, the music of Henry Mancini, post-apocalyptic survival societies, lists, overly didactic old-timey science fiction, some of Henry Fonda's children, and Bond girls, well then, here's a recommendation:

For the first time since its one and only broadcast on December 28, 1964, the Rod Serling television movie Carol for Another Christmas will be available for public viewing, this Sunday, December 16th at 8:00 EST on TCM. We're talking some serious Ark of the Covenant stuff for Twilight Zone nerds.

And to complete the Charles Dickens two-fer, here's another old-timey recommendation from the same time period.

Cash on Demand, a 1962 Brit Christmas noir, from the famed Hammer Studios. Although best known for their horror flicks, Hammer also produced a series of tautly made crime and psychological thrillers in the early '60s. This is a really good one, starring Hammer regulars Peter Cushing and Andre Morell, in a twist on a classic Christmas tale, armed robbery style. Available in its entirety on Youtube.

Lastly, apologies for the tardiness in this casting call for our annual Back Room production of A Christmas Carol. Last year, after eleven consecutive years of the same Ebenezer, I decided to go with what I thought to be a truly inspired bit of casting by placing Gail in the lead. Within thirty seconds CaptainElectriclecticeltic and Cartwright informed me of no fewer than three previous productions of A Christmas Carol using a female Scrooge, including one with Tori Spelling. So this year we're back to square one. A new Scrooge? Bring back ACross for his twelfth performance? A re-boot of the franchise, with a lot more time-travel sequences and some middle earth shit thrown in?

I'm at a loss. We've got two weeks. The only things cemented at this point are the usual Board Ops-as-the-Ghosts (although why everyone is afraid to just come out and say it -- Cash's acting is f-ing atrocious -- I'll never know), and of course, Porpoiseboy's always inspired Fezziwig.


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