ND License Plate Cover
by Vivaflanner (2013-07-23 23:19:19)
Edited on 2013-07-23 23:33:31
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My mom bought me one when I graduated, but I only used for a year or two - it didn't make it on to onto my next car.

Every now and again I see it in the garage and consider putting it on, but never do.

For one thing, I like to drive anyonymously. My car is a very common model and has no unique characteristics. I didn't buy such a car for that purpose, but I dont mind at all that there are literally hundred of thousands of similar looking cars out there. Also, I don't care if people on the road know that a Domer is driving ahead of them.

For those who do have an ND license plate or window sticker, why do u display? Asking seriously.


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