How bad is the drug spice?
by saintapollonia (2013-07-23 12:00:55)
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I'm aware of it in general. My understanding is that it's synthetic marijuana. It sounds like it was originally sold OTC in gas stations and tobacco shops; packaged as incense and "natural herbs" sort of marketing with the knowing "off label" intended use as being smoked.

I ask because a local colleague's parents apparently have been busted in a sting. Colleague is a friend we socialize with regularly and is a physician. He's first generation US, as his parents were from India. They owned a small tobacco shop and apparently had been snagged in a six month sting operation and were arrested in March. I had not been aware until a friend showed me the article this weekend. Friend, son, had not been implicated as only the parents were arrested. I have no idea is to their current status: in jail or what.

How dangerous is that stuff? What's in it? Is it used medicinally?


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