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Height:  6' Weight:  working on it lbs. Alumni Status:  1972
Location:  IA Quad Cities area Favorite Baseball Team:  Redlegs, Cubs, Royals, O's
Natural Enemies: 

Athletic Ability: Mostly limited to golf now. Currently playing to a 4. Played pretty much all but football in HS. Graduated at 5'8", 145. Schlitz Brewing Co. responsible for growth spurt at ND.

Sartorial Style: Business casual, scrubs at work, t-shirt and jeans at home.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: ,

Political Philosophy:

Religious Philosophy: RC

Musical Favorites: Doors, Zeppelin, Chicago, Who, S&G, Moody Blues, CCR, Pink Floyd, U2. Pretty much "Classic Vinyl".

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "It's a sense of belonging to the past at Notre Dame and a sense of responsibility to the present and the future. It isn't a mystique or an abstraction. It's a feeling that you are part of something that has been excellent for a long time, and it's an understanding that many others have come before you who have sacrificed for this place to create this tradition. You have a responsibility to carry that on."

Lou Holtz

Miscellaneous Data: St. Bernards rule