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Quarterbacks will always transfer, so sign them when you can by ndgotrobbedin97

It should go without saying that QB is a unique position in terms of playing time. Therefore, you're always going to wonder about the guy languishing on the bench, and whether or not he is looking for a way out of his current situation if he doesn't get a chance to play. 5 years to play 4 is a ticking clock that every kid is aware of, especially when they burn one on the bench.

This isn't new. We can rattle off a bunch of names of guys who didn't get playing time at ND so they chose to go elsewhere---2 of them started at Ohio colleges just this season. Had Golson stayed the starter throughout this season, I would probably be wondering what Zaire was thinking given that Kizer's eligibility starts ticking next year (4 years) and Wimbush is likely to hit campus.

In this case, it's Golson that is more likely to leave. If he does, it's good for him, and probably good for Kizer. If he stays, it's great for ND.

Either way, this isn't some big surprise, as you're always going to have attrition at the QB position, as every school will. It simply shows why you need to sign one every year if you can.