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Oh come now. I did not say "meaningless" by Barney68

That said, context is important, too.

Do you argue that if the league only has 2 teams, the number of championships one of those teams will win is comparable to a situation in which the league has 200 teams?

That would imply that winning the Big 10 Championship when it actually was a 10 team league was the same as winning the National Championship. While many Michigan fans would agree, I do not.

The more teams in a league, the harder it is to win the championship. Competition is increased. Talent is spread thinner.

Similarly, do you mean to say that the number of games in a season does not affect the total yardage gained by a player or a team?

When I was at ND, it was a 10 game season. Any individual statistic - yards gained, tackles made, etc. - was, by definition, limited to that which could be achieved in 10 games. We now have 12 games plus a bowl. Individual stats are going to be higher.

Any player - Jim Brown, for instance - would gain more yards in a 12 game college season than he did in a 10 game one. His records need to be appreciated for exactly what they are in context, not as some isolated number.

In that context, Brown's achievements are all the more impressive.