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We still have a few scholarship slots left... by BAC69

maybe Kelly should recruit a holding specialist. After all we recruit kicking and punting specialists, long snappers, etc. so why not a holding specialist.

A good hold is a major part of a successful field goal attempt just as much as the effort of the kicker. No kicker cannot kick a long FG if the ball is not caught smoothly, placed down quickly, and held properly; the thing must be done right--every time.

Zaire needs all his time practicing passes and handing off to RBs, reading defenses; he should not spend any practice time holding for kicks. Plus he might get his passing hand kicked accidentally resulting in injury.

We should also not use a walk-on to hold or we will end up with muffed kicks as it happened this year.

A scholarship holder is the answer. I don't know of any other team that offers a scholarship for holding, and ND could be the first. Surely there are some really good holders coming out of HS that would like a free ride to college.

And, above all, we should check our batteries.