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It is not all that bad by Vairish84

Matt James would change the dynamic a lot. Surely, Kelly can't be blamed for his death. Tate Nichols never played due to injury, again not the fault of the coach.

Hegarty was he top C recruit in his class. I think the heart issue hindered his development, but I don't think it has any lingering effects. Admittedly, his play has been weak for a starter.

Hanratty was a legacy and has been a serviceable back-up, which was really all that was predicted for him.

Harrell was a miss, but I don't recall many predicting great things for him either.

Stanley is getting first round NFL grades. Martin is likely to be a three year starter when all is said and done. He is better at C than at G, but has battled hand injuries.

Lombard has been a solid starter for three years. He is not a star, but he has also given his body to the team as he is likely physically finished.

I think the last two classes, three if counting this one, come in with better credentials, but time will tell if they perform like that on the field.