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If true, by Vairish84

that would be unfortunate. Golson has been treated more than fairly by ND and Kelly.

I can understand him wanting a fresh start, but he will discover a transfer among schools wanting to play for a national title will be a frying pan to fire kind of transfer. The standards are the same, and the tolerance for error is the same. Spurrier is not exactly a calm coach on the sideline and has been known (horror of horrors) to yell at a QB after committing a turnover.

There are very few Russell Wilson scenarios, and I can't see South Carolina as being one of them. Plus, Wilson was a pretty successful QB at NC State, and only transferred because the coach would not let him play baseball over the summer. If Golson truly believes Zaire has won the job and he can't win it back, then I guess he needs to do what he needs to do. However, on some levels that would validate a lot of the comments that he was never really up to the job. I would also then wonder why, if Golson thought he was not up to the job and Zaire was better, why Kelly did not see it earlier.