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I think the stars have to align and some luck by Bellcon

is involved with getting a home run hire. But schools like Notre Dame, OSU, Mich, Alabama should be able to do a lot to get the stars to align. Such as being prepared to and not afraid to get rid of a coach when the door opens for a home run hire.

Chip Kelly could be that candidate. Let's assume Brian Kelly struggles next year. Nothing stops ND from throwing a ton of money and a ton of control at Chip except the PTB. He might be in the best position for a move especially if the Eagles don't make the playoffs next year.

The key is to be in his ear early. Like now. Tell him you are prepared to give him whatever he wants and needs to be successful. The red carpet has been cleaned and is ready to be rolled out as soon as he is ready to make a move. Also tell him that ND would like the last shot. No matter what any other team offers and no matter how good a situation seems ND would at least like the last shot because ND is the crown jewels of the bling world. Then sell it.