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I question whether the money will keep rolling in - by SWPaDem

especially if we are severely embarrassed by LSU today and the realization sets in among Kelly lovers, big and small, that he ain't ever going to cut it. And with regard to Crossroads, specifically, have any major donors been publicly identified? I'm not talking about those subscribing to luxury box/club seating, but major donors for the three rectangular, misfitted additions with real grass growing on their little rooflets.

Usually, when a new building on campus is announced, the major donor is identified and how much he is going to pony up to get his name on it. I may have missed it, but I don't remember ever hearing who the big money supporters for Crossroads are. Have any been identified, because if not, it would certainly be a variation from the usual course of action on how these multi-million dollar buildings come to fruition?

And in the assumed absence of any big-money donors to Crossroads, what might the impact be on the project if we were to have a significant downturn in the stock market? This thing can't go up forever without a major correction just operating on fumes - but that's just me.