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That's my theory too. My other theory is we practiced it a by btd

lot during our bowl practices. Thus, we will run it much more. Fortunately Kelly decided to declare the starter before the game to let LSU think about it just a tad bit more before the game. Anyway, I expect LSU to stuff it because they know it is coming and our overall running game is so limited that they can just gear up for this.

Now, had we practiced it all year -- which we agree we didn't -- there is some slim chance MZ would execute it really well along with the rest of the offense doing the same and maybe we would even have some kind of pass option off of it that we could catch LSU by surprise on -- or it would be on film and maybe a DB or LB would have to ponder that element as he crashed down on the QB or the pitch man.

Maybe we would have some other running plays from similar formations too, passes off them, etc -- so LSU pretty much didn't know what was coming each play.