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I gave Swarbrick way too much credit............ by Ty WEbb

I truly believed how he handled the whole playoff/conference shifting situation was a sign he understood ND's unique position in college football and the importance of its greatness and tradition.

I was wrong. Staying independent was about one thing - whoring ND out and hording every last penny that falls from the sky.

His statements to the Observer were sad to read. How anyone can sit there and say that what has happened over the last 5 years has met his expectations is beyond puzzling.

People will retort with, "well what did you think he'd say?"

I think a competent AD can answer that question by saying that he's disappointed in the results but that he has faith in his head coach. But Swarbrick didn't say that at all. He basically just said Kelly has done a superb job.

ND football is beyond fucked. There isn't one person in a position of authority at ND that has a clue.