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Never said he wouldn't be an upgrade. by jakam31

But looking at the body of work this year, there are some red flags for me. My opinion of him after the Dallas game was that he was realizing that utilizing McCoy as the guy to run the offense through was the path to the division since Foles went down. Then in the next three games he went away from that putting the ball in the hands of Sanchez. That concerns me.

Look - he would definitely be an upgrade over Brian Kelly but at this point, you can make a list of 30 coaches who fit that description. The question wasn't is he an upgrade. The question was is he a slam dunk. I don't know if he would be or not based on some things I have seen in the past 16 Philadelphia games. I think he would be an excellent hire but I also think he has some tendencies that would drive people nuts.

Additionally, everything I saw had them running away with the NFC East. Talent? Their offense is one of the most talented lineups in the NFL with McCoy, Maclin, Sproles, Matthews and Ertz (who was criminally underused). Their defense has some major holes in the secondary and overall has been a liability, but in the same sense as our version of Kelly it makes more sense for him to try and control the clock with the running game rather than giving the ball to Sanchez who has had major issues with ball security. Last year's team was also among the NFL leaders in turnovers despite their QB having an historical season in the way of interceptions.

I know my opinion is not a popular one but considering how shitty our last 20 years have been, I think you need to explore every candidate and discuss why they might not be the right guy. Simply looking at Chip Kelly's exploits on paper and assuming he would do well at ND is silly.