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I watch a lot of Eagles games. by jakam31

Mostly because I enjoy watching his offense as opposed to, say, Cleveland's so I have seen more of his games as the coach in Philadelphia than I did when he was at Oregon. Initially I was blown away. I thought he was a genius. But this year they seem to be so sloppy with the turnovers, penalties and it seems like I see a lot of 3 and outs on offense. There isn't much flow sometimes and I think he relies too much on his own play calling to get out of trouble. That scares me for obvious reasons.

Since you are an Eagles fan, why is it that he used Sproles and Polk in situations where I figured McCoy should be in. I really like Sproles and what he can bring to an offense but it seemed to me that the whole goal of signing him was to get both of those guys on the field and that didn't happen very often. Struck me as odd.