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No, BK has all his eggs in the 2015 season basket by tsl4264

I believe BK wants out of ND, but his ego will prevent him from making any "lateral move" this year. Kelly believes he is the smartest guy in any room he enters. He has delusions that he would make a great NFL coach. It's extremely unlikely he will be offered an NFL head coaching position after this year's season-ending nosedive. I think the only circumstance that would cause Kelly to make a lateral move to a different college program in 2015 would be if Kelly thought the "lateral move" football team's record in 2015 would be better than ND's and serve as a springboard to NFL offers at the end of 2015.

Assuming the NFL head coaching interest is not there this year, Brian Kelly will do what he thinks maximizes his opportunity for consideration and selection at the end of 2015. Right now his coaching stock is low and he needs to pump up its value. He probably believes that there is no way 2015 will bring the same suspensions and injuries he had to overcome this year and with all the returning players, next year's team could have a shot at making the 4-team play-off. I doubt any lateral move that might be available would be perceived by Kelly as presenting the same chance of making the play-off. So, I think Kelly will stay at ND for the 2015 season, even if offered a lateral move. He is putting all of his eggs in the 2015 season basket, looking for the golden ticket to an NFL head coaching gig. Ultimately, his ego will prevent him from adopting a run-oriented offensive scheme that probably represents the best chance for success next year. We will be stuck with another season of enduring the inept offensive wizardry of the great and powerful Coach Kelly, with no NFL offer forthcoming in 2015 either. What happens after 2015 is anyone's guess.