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Even if he wanted to make a "lateral" move... by irisharab

...I doubt that any traditional "Tier 1" college football team would hire him in the foreseeable future, based on his work at ND.

On the other hand, I could imagine a team like Pittsburgh giving him a serious look. Kelly would likely be an upgrade from the likes of Chryst, Wanny, and Walt Harris. Additionally, the expectations at Pitt are nowhere near as high as those at ND. If Kelly can get 8-9 wins each season at that school, most fans and administrators will likely be satisfied.

With all that said, it would be embarrassing for ND if its head football coach voluntary left for a team like Pitt. There's been enough flack in the press about Gary Andersen voluntarily leaving Wisconsin for Oregon State. Kelly leaving for someplace like Pitt would generate similar scrutiny on a much larger scale.