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Matuska showed good hands by brnd

Maybe expectations were low, but comments were that Matuska looked solid as a pass catcher. He played TE in HS so it isn't a radical transition. Probably dropped 30 pounds that he was having trouble keeping on as a linemen.
Luatua has experience, he just hasn't been a consistent blocker. He wasnt a factor last year despite the starter getting hurt early and competition from just 2 young athletic but skinny TEs and another converted lineman (who also struggled to block consistently).
ND is below 85 scholarships so it helps to have Luatua back, but I don't expect him to turn into a reliable strong blocker, especially after skipping Spring ball. Hopefully I'm wrong.
Weishar has progressed as a blocker, although he came in as a pass catching TE (all-time IL HS reception leader). Jones needs to be a key offensive weapon. Smythe should be the most consistent complete TE. If Luatua/Matuska arent great blockers, someone like Harrell should play TE in short yardage. Stanford does a great job running behind extra linemen in short yardage.