You got it backwards
by sprack (2017-07-13 18:36:57)
Edited on 2017-07-13 18:55:26
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  In reply to: Yeah the Sox organization is at least willing to  posted by dwjm3

Jerry is actually hands off except for contracts, but loyalty is everything to him and Kenny is 100% loyal and has lifetime employment if he wants it. He lets the baseball people make the baseball decisions while retaining veto power which he doesn't use much at all. Jerry bought into it, but the ideas were all Kenny. It was the same before Kenny with Schueler - Schueler is the guy who traded for Jaime Navarro, a trade that lives in infamy - and before that with Himes. Who knows if it was Kenny who blessed the rebuild or if he let Hahn make the decision, but I don't care, as long as they finally have and have stopped signing over-the-hill guys named "Adam". Yes, the rebuild did have to be blessed by Jerry as does any big picture thing, of course, but the personnel details he leaves to the baseball people.

How Mike runs the Bulls - and Mike is running the Bulls now - I have no idea, though I suspect it's similar. Yeah, of course Jerry put him there, I know.

I come here not to bury or praise either Reinsdorf, just setting the record straight. Yes, of course he is ultimately responsible, he's the guy at the top. But he doesn't get into the weeds as much as you think. And he shouldn't. The only thing worse than a cheap owner is a meddlesome owner.


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