I'm happy to direct flak at Reinsdorf ....
by CJC (2017-07-13 17:35:24)
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  In reply to: Yeah the Sox organization is at least willing to  posted by dwjm3

Let's take a look at his ownership "career."

He bought the Bulls after Michael Jordan's first season, meaning that Reinsdorf inherited the greatest basketball player of my lifetime, perhaps ever.

Excluding the seasons during which the "inherited" Jordan played for the Bulls, Reinsdorf's Bulls teams have reached the conference finals exactly once in 20 seasons. That's it.

Excluding the 1994 strike-destroyed season and 2017, Reinsdorf has owned the White Sox for 35 seasons. His White Sox have won exactly 1 World Series, 1 American League championship and five division titles.

His teams have won a total of three post-season series in 35 seasons; fortunately, all three came during the same season.

And this guy's in the basketball hall of fame?

He's an abysmal failure as an owner.


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