What Detroit ought to do
by captaineclectic (2017-06-23 07:26:26)
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Ken Holland's options are not great entering draft weekend. George McPhee refused to help Ken with his cap problems and now things are looking dire. Detroit needs a top line center, a 30-goal scorer on the wing, and probably two defensemen capable of carrying play for 20+ minutes a night, and has no money with which to obtain any of these things because Holland decided to spend $10M on two bad goalies and $22M on two-way centers who don't score goals.

[Ken Holland]

Some in the Red Wings fan communities say the best action is inaction -- just wait for the paint to dry. Draft in the top five for a couple years. The bad deals will eventually roll off. Mike Green will fetch a pretty penny at the deadline. Etc. However wise this approach may be, Holland has already publicly said he will not take it. He is smarter than conventional wisdom and will turn this collection of grinders into a Cup winner because otherwise he'd have to learn from his mistakes, which requires the predicate admission that they were mistakes.

[Also Ken Holland]

If that's the course he'd like to follow, I suggest he must follow it boldly. Tyler Dellow has suggested Detroit take advantage of the low value of the mid-first-round picks this year and package lower-end roster players and mid-round picks to move up in the draft this year -- one of our seconds and, say, Riley Sheahan for the #15 pick, etc. Load up on guys who'll develop in the next 2-3 years and try a shortcut. That'd work.

Others have suggested using those picks to drop the ballast off the roster -- Helm and a 3rd to Vegas for a cheaper player, Mrazek and a 2nd to Winnipeg for a defensive prospect -- and then pursue Shattenkirk or someone like him in free agency. You won't hit every box in one year, but you can fill one or two of the glaring needs and hope to be more competitive right away. That'd work.

The worst thing -- absolute worst -- would be to just tinker at the margins, sign cheap veterans to fill the present roster gaps, keep all the expensive players, and just hope the situation improves.


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