Those 5 worse teams are all expansion
by bizdomer09 (2017-02-15 22:51:09)
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  In reply to: For once, DiDi is right.  posted by Irish Tool

But look, 2 more important things than that worth noting here:
1) I'm not trying to be Captain Uppity on this worst franchise chatter just because the Cubs now have won one World Series in the last 109 years. The previous 40 years of my rooting life before November 2nd weren't that long ago, so I haven't forgotten. Besides, in my lifetime the Phillies have had plenty of success. The crap that put them 1100 under .500 was all before I was 5 and I'm not that young.
2) I actually have a soft spot for the Phils. My grandfather grew up in North Philly and was a lifelong fan, and I've spent a good portion of my life living in and around Philly, including now. They are doing some good things rebuilding and I hope they get it together soon. Citizens Bank is one of the very best places to watch a game when the product is good.

So, Go Fightin's. Except against the Cubs.


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