He did put the chip on the table.
by bizdomer09 (2017-01-06 20:06:23)
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  In reply to: The Ricketts ownership never seriously threatened to move  posted by miamioh_irishfan

"The fact is that if we don't have the ability to generate revenue in our own outfield, we'll have to take a look at moving — no question," Ricketts told reporters after outlining renovation plans to Chicago business leaders.

Did anyone take it as a serious threat or did he really intend it so? No. Not for one fraction of a nanosecond did the thought run through my mind that... Oh dear goodness me, the Cubs may move from Wrigley out to the suburbs! That was my point in the original reply... in this case we knew what was going on, so we could discern that it was pure negotiation and not pay it any mind beyond the desired outcome of the negotiation. And I start with that as my base assumption with other cities where negotiating chips are played, until I learn otherwise that a threat is real and should be taken seriously. In the Phoenix case, I'll assume that they are trying to negotiate better terms for their lease. Or a better slide for the pool. Or something.

By the way, with Ricketts, what he said needed to be said (just so you know we have other options), it was smart business, and I'm glad he said it. I assume when you talk about media creation you are referring to concocted stories about potential suitors and the media overplaying the seriousness of the so-called threat.

38 days until pitchers and catchers report. Can't come soon enough!


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