what I had heard
by jt (2017-01-03 12:58:48)
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  In reply to: Well now I see that two GB folks are interviewing.  posted by G.K.Chesterton

is that Wolf was blocked last year because Detroit is in the same division and his dad got pretty pissed off and asked that he not be blocked this year.

They're going to get an upgrade pretty much no matter what they do; I see now that they're interviewing Riddick and he might be a good option. I think they actually have a chance to bounce back kind of quickly if they handle this right--they have a ton of cap space and high picks. They need to find a guy that can rush the passer (Aaron Lynch is a freaking dog) and they need to get at least one and possibly two ILB (depending on scheme). Other than that, defense is likely fine (despite rankings this year; Rex Ryan disciple as DC and scheme was shit). On offense they have a solid OL but they need playmakers at wr, depth at rb, and a solid qb. I think that the draft is pretty deep at rb and I think that they can address wr in free agency (along with ILB) relatively cheaply. It all comes down to coach and qb and then filling in the respective roles but the real wild card is in pass rusher; pretty much have to get that in the draft.


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