Deserving credit
by oldbender (2017-07-14 14:00:50)
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  In reply to: I agree with both you and oldbender...  posted by 2Domer

As I said, for a few years Digger,s recruiting was off the charts. He also gave ND a national persona for basketball. Plus he had support from both Hesburgh and Joyce. Later, in the eighties, both he and his bosses enthusiasm waned including Dick Rosenthal, who Digger feuded with. ND men's basketball, notice I said men's, lacked support for years due to dislike of the college landscape. The last two years it seems to be coming back abit. It even appears the Rolf will get done and Brey has been fortunate to have smart players who respond to his laid back approach. Obviously, Digger was the opposite end of the spectrum. And, yes, he had an ego. And, somewhere in the eighties his love for his job slipped. But his love for Father Hesburgh and ND has never gone away. He's still here supporting both basketball and the university. He brought ND to the forefront of college basketball. For that, ego and all, he deserves a lot of credit.


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