it certainly merits discussion
by thesixthgreatlake (2017-07-14 10:48:13)
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  In reply to: Is this the best shape the program has ever been in?  posted by bluengold07

I wasn't around for the Phelps glory years, but perennial Top 10 probably is a bit lofty. We've been a top four seed twice since 1981. I think we've finished in the top ten twice under Brey. Facilities-wise, we're really only now on the same planet as programs at that level and likely still lagging a bit.

Certainly there are some good external factors that are falling into place, but perennial top 20 to top 10 is a significant leap. The former is where we've been more or less for the last few years and likely more realistic.

I am interested to see how the program looks as it gets more talented and, inevitably, younger. I think Coach Brey would be the first to admit his handling of "better"(on paper) teams was not as good as his older, less star-laden teams.

The program is in a good place.


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