Mildly disagree
by oldbender (2017-07-14 10:31:20)
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  In reply to: Is this the best shape the program has ever been in?  posted by bluengold07

I'm sorry, but when you,re pushing 80 and followed Nd basketball going back to Kevin O'Shea, you have watched a lot of ND basketball, I must disagree. While this is the best shape the program has been in since the 1980's, I still think Digger's had some squads in the 70's that were extremely talented. The problem that kept them from doing even greater things was Digger's constant tinkering with playing time hurting morale and the overall effort. There was also a short time in the late fifties that John Jordan put a couple of outstanding squads featuring Tom Hawkins,, one of the best ever at ND. What Brey has done is build his program with minimal support until recently and overcoming some personnel problems that could have impacted his coaching, certainly deserves praise. Hopefully, the good times will continue.


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