How it costs a shot at prospects
by Kayo (2017-07-07 17:40:26)
Edited on 2017-07-07 17:42:42
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Top prospects take many more unofficial visits as high school sophomores and juniors than the official visits they take in the summer and fall as they move to senior year. Those who care most about the physical environment, basketball facilities and arenas, don't get serious about the schools that don't have what they want. They see what 15 other schools have and lose interest in the one that has nothing.

The NCAA limits athletes to 20 hours a week of mandatory practice, meetings, and workouts; but in reality, the players are around their basketball space as if it's a full time job.
  • Games count as three hours against the 20, but they really spend more like seven hours. Arrive early. Eat several hours before the game. Review the game plan. Warm-ups. Game. Postgame interviews.

  • If the last class ends at 2:00 and practice is at 4:00, they head to the gym. Trainer's room. Dress for practice. Shoot around before practice.

  • There will be a full pregame meal early in the afternoon if there's a night game.

  • They will eat after practice if it ends after dining hall hours.

  • They do a lot of voluntary and "voluntary" weight work and film study outside of practice.

  • Where they spend all of that time is very important to the players. A lot of guys have taken note of what everyone else has and ND doesn't, said "thanks for being such a gracious host," and never returned a call from the staff afterwards.


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