Sorry, wrongo
by oldbender (2017-07-07 15:55:46)
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  In reply to: At most, 5  posted by prophetofdoom

I hate to tell you you''re wrong, but you are. I can still remember a conversation with A prominent and important leader of the ND basketball team a few years ago. We were talking about various off court issues and student life and he proceeded to tell me how lacking ND's facilities were and how it affected his life as a player and the perception of the program to guys looking at ND. I've heard basically the same comments in less blatant form on and off over the last five or six years. I have complained for years here before I became ill about how the administration had neglected its men's program. Now it appears some action will be taken. While the Rolf isn't ideal, it's a big step. God knows some sort of a facility is needed.


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